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Egg incubator specially designed for shrimp!
  • Gently stir the eggs;
  • Adjustable airflow;
  • Removable to give easy access to eggs, if required.

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Shrimpcubator is an egg tumbler that gently stirs the eggs by adjusting the airflow, to simulate natural oxygenation, and specially designed for shrimp, hence the name Shrimpcubator. An air outlet is required for use. Comes with a valve for easy flow adjustment. It offers easy egg loading and easy access in case maintenance is needed. It has a double bottom to prevent parasites from damaging the eggs. Other safety features include the bottom with rounded corners so the eggs stay above the mesh for maximum oxygen supply. It is designed to sink in case the suction cup comes loose.

Only use soft airline tubing, like the one supplied, to attach to the egg tumbler.  Using a rigid one may cause the airline connection to break. When starting the egg tumbling process, ensure the air valve is closed all the way and then adjust to about 1-5 bubbles per second or until the eggs gently bounce about 2 mm.

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1 review for ShrimpCubator

  1. Helen

    Excellent! I haven’t used it yet but it looks perfect for what it’s intended for. I particularly like the compact size as some are very bulky x

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