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Pure montmorillonite stone from Japan!

  • Enriches the water with important minerals;
  • Improves water quality;
  • Detoxifies and absorb poisonous substances.

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Shirakura mineral stone, a pure natural montmorillonite. Enriches the water with important minerals and serves as a natural ion exchanger to clean the water. Due to its high ability to exchange ions, it binds toxic substances such as ammonium/ammonia and heavy metals over a long period of time and stores them safely so that these substances are not dangerous to shrimp.

To decrease the risk of the stone cracking or breaking, before using it, hold it under water in a container for four short periods. In other words, take the stone, hold it under water in the container, and remove it almost immediately, wait 30 seconds; put it back under water for 3 seconds, and take it out, wait 30 seconds; put it back under water for 6 seconds, take it out, wait 30 seconds; repeat two more times, slightly increasing the number of seconds of soaking. Then it is ready to be integrated into the aquarium.
Place approximately 200 g of mineral stone per 100 l of water in the aquarium; there is no risk of overdosing for shrimp, even if the quantity would be greater. After 6 months of use, replace the stone. In the meantime, if the mineral stone is covered with algae, it should be removed from the aquarium and the algae gently brushed off. Then the stone can be placed back into the aquarium.

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