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A biological catalyst!

  • Accelerates the multiplication of beneficial bacterias;
  • Helps eliminate harmful substances;
  • To cycle or for weekly maintenance!

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Microbes & Enzymes is a biological catalyst that accelerates the multiplication of beneficial bacteria, and helps eliminate harmful substances. Two methods of use, either at start-up or for regular maintenance during water changes. Suitable for any type of aquarium, fish and invertebrates (shrimp, crayfish and others), tap water or reverse osmosis water. 15 g of this product lasts a very long time, the amount added during water changes is minimal.

Contains: Vitamin A, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, K3, B6, H, folic acid, niacin acid and pantothenic acid / Crude Protein 25.5% / Crude Fat 1.00% / Crude Fiber 12.00% / Probiotics 4.5 X 1011 CFU MIN. / Yeast 1.5 X 1012 Cells MIN. / Moisture 10.00% MAX.

Weekly maintenance
After the water change, disperse on the surface of the water.
Aquarium 6 US gallons or less, add 0.10 g or less;
7-16 US gallon aquarium, 0.10-0.25g;
17-36 US gallon aquarium, 0.25-0.75g;
36 US gallons or more, 0.75 g or more.

Cycling a new aquarium
Scatter on the ground and add the water slowly.
Aquarium 6 US gallons or less, add 3g or less;
7-16 US gallons, 3-5g;
17-36 US gallons, 5-8g;
36 US gallons or more, 8 g or more.

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