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A lubao, beneficial powder for your shrimps!

  • A constant source of food;
  • Increase the survival rate for shrimplets;

Dimension of lubaos: About 4.25 cm X 3 cm
Recommendation: 1 lubao for a 10 gallons or more

A lubao is an amalgam of fermented powder to shrimp which, as it slowly breaks down, releases nutrients, tannin, probiotics and biofilm. This represents a constant supply of elements participating in the biological balance and the development of beneficial bacteria. Floating or fast-growing plants play a regulating role with regard to water parameters, and they are strongly recommended in conjunction with a lubao.

For a cycled aquarium:
– Soak the lubaos for three days in osmosis water.
– Change the water in the container at least once a day, several times is better.
– Put the lubao in the aquarium.

To cycle an aquarium
– Just put the lubao at the end of the cycling period.
– Check the water parameters regularly.
– Remove the lubao if the tank remains unbalanced, and wait until everything is perfect to properly receive shrimps.

Every aquarium is different, and an aquarium low in bacteria will react differently than an aquarium high in bacteria. Parameter monitoring is necessary especially during the first use, especially for ammonia.

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4 reviews for Lubao

  1. Helen

    This is a brilliant product for all shrimpkeepers. I’ve noticed a big difference in baby survival and breeding as there’s a continual food source for all ages of shrimp. It lasts for weeks and a must for anyone who is going on holiday or has to leave their tanks for any reason as the food source is there!! No worry of your shrimp going hungry?? I would highly recommend it and another plus is the cost! Very cheap for what you get x

  2. David Lord

    Excellents produits, excellent service. On peut faire confiance à Mic Shrimps les yeux fermés

  3. Nancy Fournier


  4. Helen

    Excellent! I love the 2 sizes that are available, they are home made with the best ingredients that have been investigated for the benefits and quality needed for shrimp. I’ve seen a marked difference in baby survival and shrimp health since starting to use them x

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