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Humic and fulvic acids and trace elements to the water!

  • Adding a small amount helps maintain the buffering capacity of the substrate longer;
  • Does not significantly affect the pH at a very low concentration (see ‘USAGE’);
  • Recommended once a week to the waterchange;
  • … and mix this powder with water before pouring it into the shrimp tank.

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Black Water Powder is a mixture of valuable trace elements as well as humic and fulvic acids with a multitude of positive effects on your aquarium and its inhabitants. It reduces stress and strengthens the immune system of the aquarium inhabitans, binds to heavy metals, reduces the bacterial load (of Aeromonas and Pseudomonas spp.) of internal organs, reduces algae, and prevents fungal infections even when a low concentration is used, makes the water crystal-clear … and so much more.


Dissolves easily. Simply sprinkle the desired amount of powder onto the surface of the water. Note: Includes measuring spoon. Measuring spoon markings: 1ml = 0.5g / 2ml = 1g

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