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For your shrimp, Bacter AE helps to create a favorable microclimate in the aquarium.

  • Enhances the development of biofilm;
  • Provide a protein rich food source;
  • Includes pre-biotic bacterias;
  • Adds important micro-organisms, amino-acids, enzymes.


Bacter AE Micro Powder adds important microorganisms, amino acids and enzymes to your aquarium. Bacter AE improves the water quality and enhances the development of biofilms, which is highly beneficial for shrimp and especially baby shrimp. These biofilms provide your shrimp constantly with a protein-rich food source, which increases the survival rate of baby shrimp significantly and allows them to develop healthily. In addition, pre-biotic bacteria includes in Bacter AE improve the shrimp’s nutrient intake and regulate their digestion.

The bacteria cultures contained in Bacter AE Micro Powder are in “sleep mode”, and become active as soon as they come into contact with water. They remove noxious substances and, together with the other carefully picked ingredients they provide your shrimp with a favorable microclimate in the aquarium.

Made in Germany


Even if you see directions for use on the container itself, be careful! The recommended dosage, based on the experiences of many shrimp hobbyists has to be much lower. Putting the dosage recommended on the bottle is too much and could lead shrimp to death by oxygen deprivation; Bacter AE reduces the availibility of the oxygen supply. As a reference, add less than the size of a grain of rice per 10 US gallons (37 liters) on the water surface once a week, and gradually, if desired, two or three times a week.

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