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A tasty treat for shrimp!

Moringa, cereals, dehydrated egg powder

Content: 8 pieces
Shape: sticks
Length: 20cm

Made in Germany

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Simply place the end of the stick into the substrate. It won’t take long it will be covered in shrimp. Shrimp Lollies contain many important vitamins and minerals. 1 stick for about 50 shrimp, occasionally. If less shrimp, remove the stick after a few hours. These lollies from Germany are particularly well done and remain the benchmark in terms of quality.

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Just stick the Shrimp Lollies into the substrate. It won't take long until the Algae stick is covered in shrimp, and you can watch them munching away on their new favorite food. The Shrimp Lollies Algae Power (Algae sticks) contain lots of important vitamins and minerals.

Feeding recommendation
• 1 Shrimp Lolly (Stick) per approximately 50 shrimps now and then