A natural shelter!

  • Really appreciated, a natural hiding place for shrimplets;
  • Slowly breaks down;
  • Supports biofilm.

Cholla wood is seen very frequently in shrimp aquariums for several reasons. In fact, it constitutes a hiding place highly appreciated by baby shrimps in particular. And secondly, it represents a very interesting surface for the development of biofilm.

Cholla wood decomposes slowly, hence its interest, and it is, moreover, a natural element that harmonizes very well in their decor.

Where does it come from? This wood comes from a cactus, and of these cacti, there are more than twenty varieties. When the cactus dries, it takes the form of a wooden skeleton with an irregularly spaced pattern. They exist in different sizes, but it is the very small ones that are appreciated in the shrimp aquarium.

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