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Add tannin to your shrimp aquarium!

  • Mainly used for its bactericidal (tannin helps fight harmful bacteria) and fungicidal properties;
  • Can be used to temporarily maintain or lower pH;
  • Long to decompose, catappa leaves will promote biofilm growth;

Note: A catappa leaf decomposes, on average, in six months.

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In a shrimp aquarium, the goal is not to have amber water, because we prefer to see the shrimp clearly, and not bring in external elements that will significantly modify the acidity of the water. However, given the benefits that tannin provides, this is a good option if you are concerned (preventively or curatively) about the presence of bacterial infections or fungal diseases. Catappa leaves have bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

Cut a piece of the catappa leaf, approximately 4 inches X 4 inches per 10 US gallons (37 liters). Rinse and drop into the aquarium. It will float for a while. Considering that the release of tannin will decrease, replace this piece after 2 months to maintain the effect, or simply let it break down, which will promote the presence of biofilm. As another method, it is also possible to infuse the leaves and pour this water into the aquarium, going moderately. Store unused leaves in a dry place away from light.

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