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Mini Lubaos and Lubaos
GlasGarten Bacter AE 
GlasGarten ShrimpFit 
Bee pollen
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Nature Food
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GlasGarten Lollies (treats)
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What do shrimp eat?

Biofilm, algaes,
microorganims and food.
To feed bacteria is as important
than to feed shrimp.


Since shrimp will eat biofilm, algae, microorganisms first, the primary concern in a shrimp aquarium is to feed the bacteria and create a strong ecosystem. Microbes & Enzymes, Lubaos, GlasGarten Bacter AE, Bee pollen are some of the products that will contribute to that (Shirakura Chi Ebi too). Do you need them all? No. For example, if I use a lubao, I will not use often other products from this category. If I don’t use lubao, I will put some Bacter AE for biofilm, and ShrimpFit in specific situations. So using all these products together is not the goal, but they are all part of what I have available for the needs of the moment; each aquarium is different, has its peculiarities. Some of the products here have more than one function. See each of them for more details.

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Nature Food, shrimp love it; Shirakura Chi Ebi, a food that I love for so many reasons; Snowflake, organic, without binder, in the form of flakes, a good supplement.

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Personal opinion: I don’t add any food rich in protein… except very and very rarely. You should know that shrimps have a primitive digestive system, and that fermented or low-protein foods are generally easily assimilated. A low rate, around 45% or even less, is, for me, a criterion for qualifying the food as desirable. What type of protein? I favor vegetable proteins (the level of insect proteins is present, but low in Nature Food), which suits me very well. From my point of view, baby shrimps do not need a high protein food on a regular basis, and quite the contrary.

As the main food…
…only that? For now, yes, some will be added.
Personally, I regularly give fresh vegetables,
what I had somewhat neglected,
but I come back,
such as spinach, kale or others.

Nature Food, Chi Ebi, Snowflake
Dried cherry leaves (Try those, shrimp love it!)
Fresh mulberry leaves
Organic vegetables


In variation at Chi Ebi, here are some organic products, in small containers. Add very very small amount of powder food on the surface of the water to allow dispersal in the aquarium. Kale contains lutein that is related to the yellow pigmentation, spirulina is related to blue, chlorella to red, and Moringa as superfood, extremely nutritious.

Personal note: When there are only adults, I very rarely add powdered food.

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Here is an example of a schedule 
Day 1: Nature Food pellet
Day 2: Snowflake
Day 3: Fresh Spinach
Day 4: Shirakura Chi Ebi + Cherry leaf
Day 5: Cherry Leaf (the same leaf, they will begin to eat the leaf)
Day 6: Green peas
Day 7: Water change + Microbes & Enzymes

And sprinke a little of Shirakura Chi Ebi, just a few
almost each day IF you have shrimplets.

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