Me, in Quebec, Montreal

Me, in Quebec, Montreal

A major challenge, raising caridinas in Quebec!!

Among the many places where the hobby is growing, interest in caridinasc here is young, and consequently, the availability of the resource is less. Of course, low quality shrimp is available, but the challenge of finding high quality shrimp poses an obstacle in the pursuit of goals.

The neocaridinas, on the other hand, due to their ease, and the compatibility, if you like, with a number of conditions, make them more popular, often without compromising with the presence of fish. In pet stores, for neos, of course, sometimes you find them… but often not, and so what do you think of the possibility of finding caridinas? The situation is diametrically opposite, for example, in Asia, Germany, Europe and the United States, as I see it.

So, it is mainly through contact with local breeders that sometimes we can find… and I say, here, maybe… something suitable. A few specialized stores exist, but again, the prices are high compared to the quality obtained.

At a stage where we wish to improve the quality of those we already have, we find ourselves confronted with the only possible outcome which is importation, and this importation is limited by customs rules which do not make it any easier. , and above all expensive.

So yes, a very interesting hobby, but also really difficult in the context.

My solution? A few friends in Western Canada, perhaps, and a friend in the United States whose import I haven’t explored yet. Another contact in a neighboring province, Nova Scotia… anyway…

And one or two crossover projects, most likely. When everything becomes complicated given the rarity… making your own crosses is perhaps one of the only avenues.

Of course, for the pintos, for the Fancy Tigers, we already know the ‘how to do it’…
but why not explore something else…and maybe that’s where the fun begins.

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